Sport and
mental health

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It is in vain that one who does not enjoy possesses

(Japanisches Sprichwort)

1. Begin

Success comes when your dreams
become bigger than your excuses.


The secret to success
is to start.

(Mark Twain)

Don't forget the joy.

(Buch von Phil Bosmans)

If you want to run, run a mile.
If you want to experience a new life,
then run a marathon.

(Emil Zátopek, tschechischer Olympiasieger)

Motivation gets you going.
Habit gets you moving forward.

(Jim Ryun, amerikanischer Motivationstrainer)

Participation is everything - not victory.

(Pierre Baron de Coubertin, IOC-Gründer)

It's not a little time that we have,
but a lot that we don't use.


The beginning is
half of the whole.


If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

(Afrikanisches Sprichwort)

2. Health

No sports! ("No sport!")

(Winston Churchill, auf die Frage
wie er sein hohes Alter erreicht habe)

Sport is murder
of many causes of illness.

(Gerhard Uhlenbruck, dt. Immunbiologe)

My physical training consists of
carrying the coffins of friends who have trained regularly.

(Chauncey Depew, amerikan. Unternehmer)

You can say whatever you want against running, but there are still
more sick people getting better than healthy people getting sick.

(Gerhard Uhlenbruck, dt. Immunbiologe)

3. Health + Happiness

Exercise is beneficial
until your cheeks turn red.
After that it is harmful and destroys the mind.

(Diogenes von Sinope 400-323 vC.)

2. Health

Take good care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live.

(Jim Ryun, amerikanischer Motivationstrainer)

Laughter is the healthiest exercise in the world,
because nowhere else do so many muscles move in such a pleasant way as when laughing.

(George Clooney)

3. Health + Happiness

If you are not ready to
change your life,
you cannot be helped.

(Hippokrates460-370 vC, griechischer Arzt)

2. Health

(Sport) ... a drug that simultaneously
trains the cardiorespiratory system and muscles,
improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism,
strengthens bones, helps regulate weight ,
has a mood-enhancing and anti-depressant effect,
and often has a socially integrating function

(Prof. Dr. med. Bernard Marti,
schweizer Sportwissenschaftler)

3. Health + Happiness

You should do sport,
without being driven by sport.

(Gerhard Uhlenbruck, dt. Immunbiologe)

If we give each individual the right amount, If we could get enough food and exercise, we would have found the safest path to health.

(Hippokrates 460-370 vC, griechischer Arzt)

Whoever succeeds in giving people sparkling eyes through physical exercises is doing great things in the field of education!

(Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi) /p>

In my opinion, jogging was only for people with a congenital quirk. ()
Today I can't understand why not everyone runs.
You feel so alive, full of energy and healthy.

(Bodo Sch&äuml;fer, deutscher Finanzberater)

Nothing compares to
the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

(John F. Kennedy)

4. Suffering + Success

I hated every minute of training,
but I told myself:
Don't give up. Torture yourself now
and live the rest of your life

(Muhammad Ali, Schwergewichts-Boxlegende)

5. Body + Mind

He who defeats himself is strong.

(Laotse 604 bis 531(517) vC.)

4. Suffering + Success

The harder the victory,
the greater the joy of victory.

(Pelé, brasilianische Fußball-Legende)

What doesn't kill me,
makes me stronger.

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

It's not the mountains ahead
that tire you, it's
the pebble in your shoe.

(Muhammad Ali, Schwergewichts-Boxlegende)

In my career I have missed more than 9,000
shots. I lost almost 300 games. 26 times I was the one who was able to win the game,
and I missed.
I failed over and over again.
And that's exactly why I'm successful.

(Michael Jordan, US-Basketball-Legende)

I start early and stay until late,
Day after day, year after year. It took me
17 years and 114 days
to become successful overnight.

(Lionel Messi, argentinische Fußball-Legende)

Success is a staircase,
not a door.

(Dottie Walters, amerikanische Motivationstrainerin)

Believe me, the reward doesn't feel as good without the effort.

(Wilma Rudolph, überwand ihre Kinderl&äuml;hmung,
erste amerkanische 3-fach-Olympiasiegerin)

5. Body + Mind

You can recognize a good athlete
by his victory.
You can recognize a great athlete
in his defeat.


6. Sport + Nature

By far the best mental hospital
is the great outdoors.

(Ernst Ferstl)

I love the feeling of
a fresh pinch on my face
and the wind in my hair.

(Evel Knievel, amerikanischer Motorrad-Stuntman)

Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.

(Albert Einstein)

Everything is wonderful for me.
Life is wonderful.

(Magic Johnson, amerikanische Basketball-Legende)

Nature is
an infinitely divided God.

(Friedrich Schiller)

Check everything -
keep the good!

(Bibel, Paulus in 1.Thessalonicher 5,21)

Nature is
the best pharmacy.

(Sebastian Kneipp)

Whoever finds the way to nature
also finds the way to himself.

(Klaus Ender)

5. Body + Mind

Above all because of the soul,
it is necessary to train the body,
and that is what
our smart talkers do not want to see.

(Jean-Jaques Rousseau)

Ideal exercises are those
that involve and strengthen both the body and the mind.
Only such exercises can
make people healthy received.

(Mahatma Gandhi)