Papst Franzikus
- päpstliche Aussagen -


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My guardian angel often tells me:
"Giovanni, don't take yourself so seriously!"

(Papst Johannes 23.)

1. God is pure mercy:

The faithfulness of God is greater
than our unfaithfulness and our betrayal.

Let us never lose hope!
God always loves us,
even with our mistakes and sins.

Don't be afraid to
ask God for forgiveness.
He never tires of forgiving us.
God is pure mercy.

2. Consumption
is not the lucky charm:

Consumerism has made us accustomed to waste.
Throwing away food
is tantamount to stealing from the poor and hungry.

The logic of the world
drives us to success,
to domination and money;
the logic of God to humility,
to service and to love.
It is without measure !

The kingdom of God belongs to those
who place their security
in the love of God
and not in material things.

1. God is pure mercy:

Let Jesus, the risen Christ,
into your life.
Even if you were far away,
just take one step towards him:
He awaits you with open arms.

The Lord always forgives us and always accompanies us.
It is up to us to let ourselves be forgiven and accompanied.

God's love cannot be measured.
It is without measure; !

2. Consumption
is not the lucky charm:

Looking for your own happiness in
owning material things
is a sure way to
not be happy.

When God is absent from a society,
even prosperity
is accompanied by terrible spiritual poverty

I would like to thank all teachers:
Education is an important task
that leads many young
to the good, beautiful and true.

3. Violence is ungodly:

Nobody should think that they can hide behind God while they are planning and carrying out acts of violence and attacks.

4. We are all sinners:

We are all sinners,
but we experience the joy
of God's forgiveness
and go our way
trusting in his mercy.

3. Violence is ungodly:

Never again war! Never again war!

4. We are all sinners:

Francis about himself:
"Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?
I am a sinner.
That is the most correct definition.
And it is not a figure of speech. (...)
I am a sinner
whom the Lord has looked on."

We are all sinners.
But let us ask the Lord,
not to be hypocrites.
Hypocrites know no forgiveness,
no joy, no love of God.

Jesus understands our weaknesses,
our sins; he forgives us
if we allow ourselves to be forgiven.

About homosexuals:
If a homosexual person
has good will and seeks God,
then I am not one to condemn them.

Holiness requires being
ready for sacrifice and devotion
every day.
Therefore, marriage is
a royal way to become holy.

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This church,
with which we are supposed to think and feel,
is the house of everyone -
not a small chapel,
which only a group of selected people
can accommodate.

God is completely merciful towards us.
We also learn to be merciful towards other people,
especially those in suffering and need.

The church has sometimes
allowed itself to be locked into small things,
into small regulations. (...)
The servants of the Church
must be above all
ministers of mercy.

It is worth learning from Mary:
She was completely ready to
accept Christ into her life.

6. What Christian faith is:

To be sons and daughters of God
as well as brothers and sisters to one another:
This is the center and heart of the Christian life.

I can't imagine a Christian
who can't laugh.
Let's make sure that we give a
happy witness to our faith.

The division
within a Christian community
is a very serious sin;
it is the work of the devil.

Women are indispensable for the Church.
Mary - a woman - is more important
than the bishops.

The female genius
is necessary in those places
where important decisions are made.

The true power
lies in service.
The Pope must serve everyone,
especially the very poor,
weak and lowly.

God is father,
but even more
he is mother.

(Papst Johannes I, 10.09.1978)

Christ is risen! Hallelujah!

A Christian
can never be bored or sad.
He who loves Christ
is full of joy
and spreads joy.

The Christian
is unconditionally merciful.
This is the core
of the Gospel.

7. Silent Night - Holy Night:

The Lord (GOD)
is knocking on the door of our hearts.
Have we perhaps put up a small sign
that says:
"Do not disturb"?

The Lord speaks to us
in the Scriptures and in prayer.
Let us learn to
dwell with him
in silence.

is often a loud celebration:
But it is good for us to
be quiet a little,
to hear the voice of love

The baby Jesus reveals
the immeasurable tender love
with which God
surrounds each of us.

6. What Christian faith is:

The gospel
is forgiveness and peace;
it is the love
that comes from God.

Are we angry with someone?
Let us pray for them.
That is Christian love.

The ascension of Jesus
does not mean that he is saying goodbye,
but that the Lord
lives among us in a new way
and is close to each of us.

We tend to focus on
ourselves and our demands.
That is very human,
but not Christian.

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