People + Inventions

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The inventors are the true benefactors of humanity
and deserve greater honor than those
who fight lamentable battles delivered and conquered large countries without understanding how to make their own country happy.

(Karl Julius Weber)

1. Inventions

All people are smart;
some before -
others after.

(chinesisches Sprichwort)

Anyone who thinks something ahead of others will be laughed at for years.
When you finally understand the discovery,
everyone calls it self-evident.

(Wilhelm Busch)

My children are 10,000 times better
than anything
I have ever done.

(Steve Jobs, Apple-Begründer)

2. Tool

Give me a lever
long enough,
and a pivot point
strong enough.
Then I can move the world
with one hand.

(Archimedes, 287-212 v.Chr., griechischer Physiker)

In the beginning there were heaven and earth.
We did all the rest.

(Das Handwerk, Reklame 2010)

Good tool,
half the job.

(aus Ungarn)

1. Inventions

Intuition is reason,
that is in a hurry.


Because in the end it is
only the spirit that
makes every technology

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Any stupid boy
can stomp on a beetle. But all the professors in the world
can. You can't produce one.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

2. Tool

If you only have a hammer,
every problem
looks like a nail .

(indonesisches Sprichwort)

A secretary on the phone:
"Our automatic answering machine
is in repair --
there is a human speaking here. "


3. Work

is not only inspiration,
but also transpiration.

(Thomas Alva Edison, 1847 - 1931)

To success
there is no elevator.
You have to use the stairs.

(Emil Ösch, schweizerrischer Schriftsteller)

4. Human

The actually mysterious:
Why is there actually
a living being that
is so much more can,
than it actually must!

(Prof. Harald Lesch)

3. Work

Problems -
are opportunities
in work trousers !


The best time to
plant a tree
was 20 years ago.
The next best time is < b>now.

(ungarisches Sprichwort)

When conquering space
there are two problems to solve:
Gravity and the paper war.
With gravity we would have been finished.

(Wernher von Braun,
deutsch-amerikanischer Ingenieur, 1912-1977)

5. Time + luck

This is the fate of the coaches -
you win a game, you are
with the Thoughts but again
on the next one.
The peace and must are missing
to enjoy all of this.

(Jogi Löw, deutsch Fußball-Bundestrainer
nach seinem 50. Sieg)

"Do you want to sell
sugar water for the rest of your life -
or would you rather
the world with me > change?!"

(Steve Jobs überzeugt Peps-Cola-Manager
John Scully mit ihm für Apple zu arbeiten, 1982)

4. Human

The computing machine
brings about effects that come closer to thinking
than anything the animals do;
but it accomplishes nothing,
which could lead one to claim that
it has Willpower like animals.

(Blaise Pascal, 1623-1662, französischer Religionsphilosoph, Naturwissenschaftler - Begründer der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung)

The act matter (?!)
of beingbeing
is greater
than our being b>Mind.


can only be forward.
can only be < b>backwards.

(Sören Kierkegaard)

The youth
is often accused of always believing that the world
only begins with them.< br>True.
But old age
believes even often that with him
the world will end .
What is worse?

(Friedrich Hebbel)

5. Time + luck

God gave the time -
he said nothing about hurry.

(Spruchband in Ferienwohnung)

Some thanks
are short,
but the beams
that make a happy face illuminates,
is a satisfying feeling.

(Ursula Wirtz, Ehrenamtspreis des LVR
für langjährige Koordination der
Butterbrot-"Aktion Biesenbach")

There are moments
that are eternal,
and in which you know
that everything
is just beautiful.

(Konstantin Wecker, Musiker)

Oh I don't wish anything over
and I don't wish anything back!
Just a comfortable feeling of the present
is happiness.

(Friedrich Rückert, 1788-1866)

There is always time
for a new beginning.

(Konrad Adenauer)

Thinking about death is the best way to
not constantly believe that
you are going to die. tte something to lose.

(Steve Jobs 2005 vor Studenten der Stanford-Universität schon seit 2004 wissend von seinem Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs)

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