Humans and ANIMALS

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A good deed to an animal
is just as meritorious as
a good deed to a human being,
while a cruel act
to an animal is just as bad
like a cruel act on a human being.
Whoever is kind
to God's creatures,
is kind to himself.

(Prophet Mohammed)

1. Pets

The dog is an employee,
the cat is a freelancer.

(George Mikes)

Dogs come when you call them.
acknowledge your message - and
may come back to it later.

(Mary Bly)

I never married because
I have three pets at home
that serve the same purpose
as a husband.

I have a dog that growls every morning, a parrot that curses all afternoon and a cat that growls late at night comes home.

(Marie Corelli)

3. humane
treatment of animals

As long as people think that animals don't feel, animals must feel that people don't think.

(Indianische Weisheit)

2. Love of animals

Many who dedicate their entire lives to love can tell us less about it than a child who lost his dog yesterday.

(Thornton Wilder)

In order to
love a butterfly, we must also
love a few caterpillars.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

It is not thinking that saves the world, but love.

(Manfred Kyber)

You can't beat anything into the animals,
but you can stroke some things out of them.

(Astrid Lindgren)

The fact that the dog is my favorite,
you say, oh man, is a sin,
my dog ​​is still loyal to me in the storm,
the man is not even in the wind!

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

3. humane
treatment of animals

Whatever happens to animals,
will soon happen to people too.

(Indianer-Häuptling Seattle)

God created humans
and the animal.
He entrusted the animals to us,
not handed them over.


People have responsibility,
not power.

(Indianische Weisheit)

I think I have found
the intermediate stage between
animals and Homo sapiens.
It's us.


4. animated beings

I believe that...every creature has an immortal soul.

(Martin Luther)

3. humane
treatment of animals

The time will come when crimes against animals will be punished in the same way
as crimes against humans.

(Leonardo da Vinci)

The greatness and moral progress of a nation can be measured by how they treat animals.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

4. animated beings

Any stupid boy can crush
a beetle.
But all the professors in the world
can't make one.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

5. religious responsibility

For a good and noble person, not only love for one's neighbor is a sacred duty, but also mercy towards creatures.

(Isaac Newton)

We owe animals
greater kindness and attention
for many reasons.
But above all because they are
of the same origins as we.

(Johannes Chrysostomus)

4. animated beings

Be kind to animals -
you could be one yourself.

(Norbert Blüm)

All creatures on earth
feel like we do,
all creatures strive for happiness
like us.
All creatures on earth love,
suffer and die
like us,
therefore they are, equal to us, works of the Almighty Creator
- our brothers.

(Franz von Assisi)

The animals share with us the privilege of having a soul.

(Pythagoras von Samos)

Sometimes they sit in front of you,
with eyes so melting,
so tender and so human,
that they almost scare you,
because it's impossible. like believing
that there is no soul in them.

(Théophile Gautier)

5. religious responsibility

When people
are guests with animals,
God is always there.

(Walter Fürst)

The unnecessary slaughter, killing, beating and cruel treatment of animals is a great sin.
Anyone who feels pity towards an animal ,
God will also have compassion on him.

(Prophet Mohammed)

I believe that little dogs also go to heaven and that every creature has an immortal soul.

(Martin Luther)