The fairy tale by Paul Potts

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1. Development

The man who REMOVED the mountain was 
the SAME one who BEGAN TO PULL AWAY SMALL stones.

(Chinesische Weisheit)

PERFORMANCE ALONE is not enough.
You have to; also FIND someone who RECOGNIZES you.

(Lothar Schmidt)

It is NEVER too LATE to BECOME what you COULD have been.

(George Eliot)

2. Satisfaction

If you are not SATISFIED with what you HAVE, you would ALSO not be satisfied with what you WANT to have.

(Berthold Auerbach)

1. Development

I don't know a HAPPIER feeling than that of GRATITUDE.

(Thomas Mann)

The MOST BEAUTIFUL fairy tale
is LIFE.

(Christian Anderson)

You have to SHARE happiness to MULTIPLY it.

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

Anyone who has MADE a mistake 
and does NOT correct it,
commits a SECOND one.


One comes into the world one morning at a time.

(Eugene Ionesco)

2. Satisfaction

If you ARE happy,
you shouldn't want to be EVEN happier.

(Theodor Fontane)

People who are SATISFIED with their DISSATISFACTION
are called complainers.

(Werner Mitsch, deutscher Aphoristiker)

You shouldn't worry about things.
Because they don't give a damn.


Basically, every misfortune is just AS HARD 
as you TAKE it.

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

3. with people

EXAMS are so horrible because the 
biggest idiot can ASK MORE QUESTIONS than the 

(Cahrles Caleb, Colton)

2. Satisfaction

Man is UN-happy because he doesn't know that he is HAPPY. Just for that reason.
That's all, everything!

(Fjodor M. Dostojewski)

Everything in the world
is meaningful and wonderful
for a few OPEN eyes.

(Jose`Ortega Y Gasset)

3. with people

Everyone SEE what you SEEM.
Only a few FEEL what you ARE.

(Nicolo´ Machiavelli)

Few people are wise enough to prefer 
useful blame to treacherous praise.

(La Rochefoucauld, François VI.)

You don't necessarily have to BLOW OUT the other person's light in order to let your OWN light SHINE.

(H. Bosmanns)

A LOVED person 
has MANY faces, 
a HATED person has only ONE.

(Ernst Ferstl)

If the OTHER
which he knows even BETTER than I do,
why should I NOT endure

(Jean Paul)

Even those who are your dearest and closest ones are sometimes HARD to endure.
Be CERTAIN, THEY feel the same way with you.< /p>

(Ernst von Feuchtersleben)

Extreme idealists are always COWARDS: 
They run away from REALITY.

(Jakob Boßhart)

4. Friendship and love

At the YOU
we first become
the I.

(Martin Buber)

I love you buddy. And he said:
I love you TOO, Ma. (Mother)
For the world he was
No.59 for Illinois (soldier's number).
For us he was the WORLD.

(USA-Irak-Der 4.000_ste Soldat stirbt 
in amerikanischen Hospital_(RTLNews-C_2008))

All MEANING of life 
is fulfilled,
where there is LOVE.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Love ALONE understands
the secret of
giving gifts to OTHERS and 
becoming RICH YOURSELF in the process.

(Clemens Brentano)

LOVE is the decision to AFFIRM the whole of a person, 
the DETAILS may BE, 
as they WANT.

(Otto Flake)

The MOST BEAUTIFUL gift that the gods have bestowed on people is FRIENDSHIP.


3. with people

The essential thing in dealing with EACH OTHER
is not the SAME sound
but the TOGETHER sound.

(Ernst Ferstl)

4. Friendship and love

The bird has the nest. 
The spider has the web. 
The person has friendship.

(William Blake)

that you don't KNOW yet.

(Christian Noel Marin)

The BEST mirror is the eye 
of a good FRIEND.

(Gälisches Sprichtwort)

5. eternal God

Man, remember eternity.
God's eye RESTS on you.

(Dänische Hausinschrift)

is the creative principle
in HUMAN things.

(Bertrand Earl Russel)

For me, the religious teacher was always the act of grace made flesh.

(Günther Jauch in Quiz 
"Wer wird Millionär" 22.02.2008)

Time doesn't WALK,
WE move THROUGH it.

(Gottfried Keller)

Do not FEAR the bright LIGHT.
MERGE with it 
and do not FEAR at its SHINE.

(Tibetanisches Totenbuch)

The GENIUS [in MUSIC] is the POWER TO REVEAL GOD to the human soul.

(Franz von Liszt, ungarisch-deutscher 
Pianist und Komponist, 1811 - 1886)

HE, whose name is:
"He IS".

(Romao Guardini)

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b) Video-Film zur Bildseite 
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