Creatures of Misery

translated by Joachim Sanner
1. Thinking(s)

is only LACK.

(Dionysios Areopagita, 5./6.Jh.)

All bad is rooted in a good one
and all false in a protection.

(Thomas von Aquin, 1225-1274)

Not everything to UNDERSTAND
stand in a queue to the small SPIRIT,
because this very little BALANCE
cannot carry such LOAD.

(Ziya Rasa)

2. Loving(s)

LOVING a human,
means consenting,
to become OLD with him.

(Albert Camus)

The whole world appears DIFFERENTLY,
according to whether one the humans,
whom one loves at most,
KNOWS LUCKY [or not].

(viz. Eugen Drewermann)

3. Suffer(s)

Ruth Pfau, a leprosy lady doctor, reports
on boy, who had colic,
and rolled in PAIN:

Thus THE things, - THE things -:.
That, I must set that, that on
my eschatology LIST.

What does eschatology mean?)

Ruth Pfau: "Those are questions,
which I not WANT to have
answered longer here on earth,
but which I'll CALL IN
one day;

if we thereby
just have the looking through,
that the world goes to end -
and the actual LIGHTS UP:

(Ruht Pfau - leprosy lady doctor, 1987)

Honour the Gentleman
not IN the HOUSE of the church
with silk garbs,
while you overlook him OUTSIDE,
where he SUFFERS
under cold weather and nakedness.

What is it useful,
if the TABLE Christi
with golden cups overloaded,
but he HIMSELF
caused of hunger goes PERISHED?

First, satisfy him, who STARVS;
then only decorate his table
of that, what is REMAINING.

(Church teacher Chrysostomos, t 407)

Translated by Thorsten Klein
and revised by Joachim Sanner