The TEACHING profession

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The youth these days loves luxury.
They have bad manners, despise authority,
have no respect for the older people
and gossip about where they should work. (...)
They contradict their parents,
gossip in society,
devour the sweets at the table,
cross their legs
and bully their teachers .

(Sokrates, 469 - 399 v.Chr)

1. Prejudice (?)

If a person continues to talk even when no one is listening to him anymore,
then it is definitely a teacher.


Famous last words of a chemistry teacher:
"What I'm doing now is completely safe!"


Teachers are allowed in the morning
and free in the afternoon.



The doctor and the teacher are required to
that he does miracles.
And does he do them?
no one is surprised.

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1830-1916)

Which donkey in any stamping mill
has ever endured as much evil as the average teacher goes through in class? ;anger endured.

(Philipp Melanchthon, 1497 - 1560)

2. Ambiguity

A boy only likes to learn from teachers he loves.
But you be a man, learn even from those who are hated!

(Friedrich Rückert)

The authority of the teacher
often harms those who want to learn.

(Cicero, 106 - 43 v. Chr.)

The teacher's voice
can open and close students' ears.

(Andreas Tenzer)

No teacher's life is an indifferent one;
Blessing or curse he sows.

(Jeremias Gotthelf, 1797-1854)


Educators are tired sometimes.
Education is a hike, not a plane ride.

(Walter Fürst)

The teacher
is never finished.

(Adolph Diesterweg, 1790-1866)

4. Value of the teaching profession

If I had not become emperor,
I would have liked to become a teacher.
I would have been proud to
enlighten young intelligentsia
and to open up the path to good and truth for them.

(Dom Pedro II., 1825-1891, brasilianischer Kaiser)

There is no position I like so much,
I would rather accept none than being a schoolmaster.

(Martin Luther, 1483-1546)

5. Method(s)

Only he is a born teacher
who can awaken the enthusiasm
of his students.

(Ernst Hähnel, 1811-1891)

4. Value of the teaching profession

He who taught his students the ABC,
has accomplished a greater deed
than the general who fought a battle.

(Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1646 - 1716)

5. Method(s)

Teaching should be such that what is presented is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a sour duty.

(Albert Einstein)

A good teacher is a good teacher,
if he has the art of teaching
the student to enjoy the material.

(Albert Einstein)

One should never forget that society
wants to be entertained rather than taught.

(Adolph Freiherr von Knigge)

Children don't want to be taught,
Children want to be confirmed.

(Werner Bergengruen)

He is the best teacher,
who gradually becomes superfluous.

(George Orwell, 1903-1950)

Every teacher must learn to
stop teaching
when it is time.
It is a difficult art.

(Bertolt Brecht)

Whoever dries the children's tears at school
is the better educator.

(Georg Skrypzak)

What the strictest educator often fails to achieve,
love often achieves with ease.


Education is
example and love,
nothing else.

(Friedrich Fröbel, Pestalozzi-Schüler, 1782-1852)

6. The teaching person

The success of every lesson
is dependent on the individuality of the teacher.
The hope is in vain that
public schools can be brought to a flourishing state through laws to bring.

(Karl Salomo Zachariae, 1769-1843)

5. Method(s)

The right teacher teaches THINKING,
instead of teaching his OWN thinking.
Only in a case of luck do the two coincide.

(Ulrich Erckenbrecht)

The path is long through teaching,
short and effective through example.

(Seneca, ca. 1-65 n.Chr.)

Treating people as they are
makes them worse.
But whoever treats people as they could be,
makes them better.

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832)

Promote OR demand ?
Promote AND demand ?
Promote by demanding?

(Maria Montessori, 1870-1952)

The sum total of all teacher virtues
is love and good cheer.

(Johann Michael Sailer, 1751-1832)

What you have to learn in order to do it,
you learn BY doing it.


Teachers will open the gate for you.
But you have to cross the threshold yourself.

(Hakuin Zenji, 1686-1769), japanischer Reformator des Zen)

If you give a man a fish,
he will feed on it once.
If you teach him to fish,
he will feed on it for the rest of his life.

(Dschuang Dsi, 350-ca. 275 v.Chr.,
taoistischer Philosoph)

6. The teaching person

Knowledge is the first,
ability is the second,
will is the third power in the life of the teacher.

(Adolph Diesterweg (1790 - 1866)

It is not his best knowledge,
not his splendor of speech,
it is his quiet self,
the teacher's greatest power.

(Otto Sutermeister, 1832-1901)

Knowledge of the soul
is the basis of the art of teaching.

(Friedrich Polack, 1835-1915)

A main feature of all pedagogy:
leading unnoticed.

(Christian Morgenstern, 1871 - 1914)

A teacher without joy
is like a clock without a spring.

(Friedrich Polack, 1835 - 1915)

7. Teaching and religion

Look, great; is God in his power.
Who is a teacher like him?

(Bibel, AT, Buch Hiob, 36,22)

But you should not let yourself be called Rabbi;
for only one is your master,
but you are all brothers.

(Bibel, NT, Matthäus 23,8)

6. The teaching person

Good friends and excellent teachers -
Stay close to them!
Wealth and power are fleeting dreams.
But the scent of wise words lasts forever.

(Ryokan Daigu, 1758 ? 1831
japanischer Zen-Mönch der Soto-Schule)

A bad teacher
his students imitate or forget,
a good teacher they surpass.

(Andreas Rahmatian)

It's nice when a teacher has a sense of humor.
Humor is moisture
and nothing needs the school air more.

(Otto Ernst, 1862 - 1926)

7. Teaching and religion

Honor everyone as a teacher
from whom you have learned something.

(jüdischer Talmud)

The teacher's life is a lamp.
When is this properly furnished? If
1. Professional love the wick,
2. Human love the oil and
3. Love of God is the flame.

(Friedrich Heinrich Christian Schwarz, 1766 - 1837,
deutscher Theologe und Pädagoge)

When we sow,
we don't want to stand and wait
until germs appear,
but calmly and trusting in God
we want to move on and continue sowing.< br>

(Lorenz Kellner, 1811 - 1892)

In the love for the students
lies the dignity, the joy,
the divine of teacher effectiveness.

(Viktorin von Feltre, 1378 - 1446)

The most important realization of my life
is that we live in a
loving universe.

(Albert Einstin)

8. At the end
of a teacher's life

A teacher works for eternity.
No one can say
where his influence ends.

(Henry Adams (1838-1918)

To my teacher:
I wasn't one of your good boys.
My youthful defiance has caused many a piece of advice
and many well-thought words to shattered.
Now the man sees,
what the boy once did.
But you, old master,
did not sculpt and labor on my building in vain.
You have burned the best values ​​of my life into my heart with hot words.
Forgive me if I don't regret the old days.
Today I want to be like I used to be don't bend over to you.
But I would just like to thank you for your loyalty as a teacher, and just press your hands in silence.

Joachim Ringelnatz (1883 - 1934)>

When you are about to leave this world, what can be more comforting than to see that you have not lived in vain, because you some, although only a few,
formed into good people.

(Immanuel Kant, 1724 - 1804)