Lust for life and
trust in God

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Relax, let go of the wheel,
trude through the world,
it's so beautiful.

(George Eliot)

1. Adventure

Wanting to enjoy all pleasures in every way is unreasonable.
Wanting to avoid all pleasures completely is callous.


Angels can fly
because they don't take themselves too seriously.

(Gilbert KeithChesterton)

There is hardly a person who doesn't think about flying from time to time.


Don't stay on level ground,
don't climb too high,
the world looks most beautiful
half way up! 

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

The greatest sight
there is
is the world -
look at it. 

(Kurt Tucholsky)

The world is a book.
If you never travel, you only
see one side of it. 


There are more important things in life than just speeding up your PACE.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

is worth more than an entire wilderness of WARNING.

(James Russel Lowell)

Too much trust is often
stupidity, too much mistrust
is always a misfortune.

(Johann NepumukNestroy)

Whoever does not
climb the high mountains,
does not know the plain. 

(Fernöstliche Weisheit)

Being good
is a far greater
than sailing around the world. 

(Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

is the only adventure
in which even the cowardly
throw themselves into.


2.  Lust for life

A new day
is a great opportunity to
leave old paths and
start new adventures.


Those who have faith
miracles every day.


IS never anything,
it is only an opportunity
TO something.

(Christian Friedrich Hebbel)

You shouldn't say
enjoyment of time.

(Jean Paul)

There is something in EVERYTHING that is WORTH CONSIDERATION.


Pleasant is
in the usual  ACTIVITY,
in the future is HOPE,
and in the past  MEMORY.


Learn to be GRATEFUL,
also about THE joy that you HAD.
And don't scream "MORE!" like little children,
when she just STOPPED.

(Otto von Bismark)

Some people swim in ABUNDANCE,
have a house and farm and money,
and yet are always full of frustration
and have no joy in the world.

(Johann Martin Miller)

WISE is the person who DOES NOT mourn the things he does NOT have, but rather ENJOYS THE things he HAS.


And suddenly you know:
It's time to start something new
and trust the magic of the beginning.

(Meister Eckhart)

The SILENCE is not
on the tops of the mountains,
The NOISE is not
in the markets of the cities.
BOTH  is in the HEARTS of


3. Trust in God

Self-trust is
Trust in God:
He won't leave me stuck.

(Bettina von Arnim)

The SILENCE knows; everything.
The SILENCE says it all.
And from the soul,
which was CONSOLE yesterday,
rises the song of immeasurable BLISS.

(Marie Noel)

Faith is
love for the invisible,
trust in the impossible,

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Don't fear the SHADOWS.
They just mean
that there is a LIGHT burning somewhere nearby.

(Ruth E.Renkel)

Only between
faith and trust
is peace.

(Friedrich von Schiller)

Deep in people lies the trust that something outside them is aware of them.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

2.  Lust for life

You didn't see
where you came from.
You won't see
where you're going.
In between lies the visible -
Your island.


3. Trust in God

Trust is an oasis of the heart
that supports the caravan of thought   
never reached.

(Khalil Gibran)

Trust your dreams,
for the gate of eternity
is hidden within them.

(Khalil Gibran)

is a journey into completely new life.

(Ernst Bloch)

Into your hands I place my spirit with full confidence.
You have redeemed me,
Lord, you faithful God.

(Psalm 31,6)

into your hands
I commit my spirit!

(Lk 23,46 - nach Elberfelder Bibel)

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