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The biggest question of all:
Why is there “Something” instead of “Nothing”?!
(English: "Why is there "Something"
rather than "Nothing"?)

(Robert Lawrence Kuhn,
Investmentbanker und promovierter Neurowissenschaftler)

There are two ways to live your life:
Either as if nothing were a miracle,
or as if everything was a miracle.

(Albert Einstein)

2. Man in the cosmos

The human body
consists of more atoms *[1028]
as there are stars
in the known universe there is *[1022]

*redaktionell von mir hinzugefügt]
(Werner Braun, 1951-2006, deutscher Aphoristiker)

3. Religion and Cosmos

The universe confuses me:
I can't understand
like such clockwork
can exist without a watchmaker.

(Voltaire, 1694-1778, französischer Philosoph)

Whoever believes in miracles,
has no eye for the wonder of the cosmos.

(Andreas Tenzer)

The universe is
a thought from God.

(Friedrich von Schiller, 1759-1805)

Mathematics is the alphabet,
with whose help God
described the universe.

(Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642,
italienischer Mathematiker, Philosoph und Physiker)

The cosmos is so expensive,
that only a god can afford it.

(Gregor Brand)

The universe.
The condensed breath of God?

(Wolfgang J. Reus, 1959-2006)

the actual definition of salvation history:
The mind of the merely calculating person will forever find it absurd,
that God is in incomprehensible self-waste
not just a universe,
but spent himself,
to lead the speck of human dust to salvation.

Only the lover
can understand the folly of a love,
for the waste law,
Abundance is the only thing that is sufficient.

(Von mir redaktionell geringfügig umgestellter Text aus:
Prof. Josef Ratzinger - späterer Papst Benedikt 16te,
Einführung ins Christentum, (c) 1977, S.217)

In the beginning God created heaven and earth (...)
God said:
It WILL (...) - and it WAS (...)

(Bibel, Gen 1,1+3, von mir redaktionell umgeformt)

Don't be afraid,
because I am with you!

(Bibel, Jes 43,5)