TODAY - my favorite day

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"What days are we?" Grandpa asked.
"It is today." replied the grandson.
"Oh. My FAVORITE DAY!" said grandfather.

(angelehnt an A.A.Milne)

1. Become a grandparent

Grandchildren are the most effective medicines
to improve the performance of old people.
Guaranteed without any harmful side effects.

(Hermann Lahm)

The indulgence of grandparents
from your own children to your grandchildren
is phenomenal.

(Franz Schmidberger)

If I had known
how much fun Make grandchildren,
I would have gotten them first.


Leisure is
Borrowed time of eternity.


The true humane life begins,
when someone is no longer forced to
his lifetime earning money
to waste.

(Prof. Querulix)

Even the most expensive watches
Don't deceive us about the process
the precious lifetime.

(Alfred Selacher)

A person in different times of life
are not the same.
He thinks differently after he feels differently.

(Johann Gottfried von Herder)

Correspondence through the ages:
Grandparents: letter; Children: Fax;
Grandchildren: E-mail and WhatsApp

(Willy Meurer)

Stolen prayer of a German (?)
When my grandfather was a child there was a war.
There was a war when my father was a child.
When I was a child there was war.
When my children were children,
for the first time there was no war.
Dear God ?
save my grandchildren a war too!

(Willy Meurer)

2. Humorous things for eternity

Officials have a
disturbed relationship with eternity.

("Billy" Walter Fürst)

Before the invention
injury time in football
was also eternity
of shorter duration.

(Martin Gerhard Reisenberg)

The following are incomprehensible to me:
Infinity -
eternity -
the nothing -
and the women.

(Heinz Stein)

"It's taking forever."
"So much time has to be."

(Erhard Horst Bellermann)

3. Wise for eternity

But all desire wants eternity
? wants deep, deep eternity!

((Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

2. Humorous things for eternity

First you have eternity in front of you
and then,&xnbsp;all of a sudden,
time behind it.

(Arthur Feldmann)

The slow at its best
comes eternity
still the closest.

(A. Michael Bussek)

3. Wise for eternity

The age is
the youth of eternity.
Sounds stupid, but believe it anyway.

(Paul Mommertz)

There is no transcendence*,
which does not also include immanence** within itself.
*The transcendence, transcendence of a finite world of experience
**The indwelling, being contained / (Latin immanere, 'to remain in', 'to cling')

(Dr. Raimund Litz)

There is eternity everywhere.

(Joachim Ringelnatz)

Eternity: not endless time,
but timelessness.

(Dr. Rudolf Kamp)

Lucky to be
satisfied for the moment.
To be happy,
for eternity.

(Prof. Querulix)

Lend your ear to the silence,
so that you can stop singing of eternity.

(Helga Schäferling)

Only lovers
have an idea
from eternity.

(Anke Maggauer-Kirsche)

It is always now - forever and ever.

Eternity is happening now.

(Paul Schibler)

4.Religious for eternity

Death is not a downfall,
but a transition:
From the earth's path into eternity.

(Cyprian von Karthago&xnbsp;* 200 t 258)

And what do I have to miss?
Isn't all eternity mine?

(Gotthold Ephraim Lessing)

The world
only sees this worldly life;
but the Christian
looks into the depths of eternity.

(Johannes Baptist Maria Vianney)

3. Wise for eternity

The moment is that ambiguity,
in it time and eternity
touch each other.

(Soeren Kierkegaard)