Freedom of Thought

translated by Google Translator

With a FRIEND 
you can THINK out loud. 

1. Friendship

The human being 
wants to be loved GROSS,
not NET.

(Friedrich Hebbel)

is a soul
in two bodies.


A FRIEND is a person who
knows the MELODY of your heart
and plays it for you,
if you FORGOT them.

(Albert Einstein)

2. Conversation

"I think 
therefore I am."

(Rene Decardes, 1596-1650)

A problem is half solved,
if it is clearly stated.

(John Dewey, 1859-1952)

Never speak evil 
from a human,
if you don't know for sure!
And if you know for sure,
so ask yourself: 
Why am I telling you this?

(Johann Kaspar Lavater, 1741-1801)

1. Friendship

Not there 
when you are at home,
where you live,
but where you 

(Christian Morgenstern)

When you meet a person 
wants to improve, 
you have to get it first

(Romano Guardini, 1885-1968)

Tolerance can only arise there, 
where I find the imperfection 
of my own actions
constantly invoiced.

(Paul Watzlawick)

2. Conversation

Only the silent one 

(Josef Pieper, 1904-1997)

It's easier to OTHER 
to serve with wisdom,
than yourself.

(Francois de la Rochefoucauld)

is called
learn twice.

(Joseph Joubert, 1754-1824)

I hate this,
what you say, 
but I give 
my life for it, 
that you have it 
can say. 

(François Marie Arouet 
= Voltaire, 1694-1778)

3. Values

Many people use MONEY,
that they don't HAVE,
for purchasing THINGS,
which you don't NEED,
in order to IMPRESS PEOPLE,
that you DON'T LIKE.

(Walter Slezak)

Most people in the world 
would be happy, 
if they were that bad 
like the Germans. 

(Karl-Wolf Biermann)

Everything there is,
what I don't need! 

(Aristoteles, 384-322 v. Chr.)

What people 
differs from the animal,
are money worries.

(Jules Renard)

4. Time

You must have become OLD,
So have LIVED for a long time,
to recognize
how SHORT life is.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

If you raise your gaze,
so you don't see any boundaries.

(Aus Japan)

Pick the day.


The only means
Having time is:
to take your time. 

(Bertha Eckstein)

3. Values

There is only one sign
for wisdom:
good mood, 
that lasts.

(Arabisches Sprichwort)

Because GOD
couldn't be EVERYWHERE,
he created the MOTHERS.

(Arabisches Sprichwort)

4. Time

who retains the ability
SHÖNES to recognize, 
will NEVER get OLD.

(Franz Kafka)

5. Eternity

The great happiness in LOVE
consists of
PEACE in one
To find OTHER hearts.

(Julie de Lespinasse)

Lord, those who die
LIVE in YOUR presence.
The life that ends
is merely CHANGED.

(Gebet zur Beerdigung 
von Mutter Teresa)

Belief - 
that is the HILARITY
which comes from GOD.

(Papst Johannes 23.)

4. Time

life is too SHORT,
to stay permanently 

(Gerald Drews)

5. Eternity

But those who suffer from old age have 
basically also their POSITIVES
...a part of THAT being
- that was once called ME,
is already THERE where soon
the WHOLE will be located.

(Hermann Hesse)

The Christmas goods
is not
the real Christmas.

(Peter Hahne, Journalist)