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The meal with the sinners:
For you and for everyone

(text excerpts from Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

The Pharisees and Scribes
were outraged:
He associates himself with sinners
and even eats with them! (Luke 15:2)

We see graphically
who Jesus really is.

(Textauszüge von Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

On the left a Jew:
No other people has been cast out so often.
Beside him a prostitute:
Jesus took care of them.

Then a beggar:
Nobody likes to see them.
And the fool:
One crazy person is just missing!

The intellectual:
Skeptics don't believe anything!
The rich lady:
And what happens to the poor?
The Black One:
Strange things scare many people.

(Textauszüge von Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

2. Biblical

Or is one of you,
who gives his son a stone,
when he asks for bread,
or a snake,
when he asks for a fish?

If now you who are evil,
give your children what is good,
how much more will
your Father in heaven
give good things to those who ask him.

(Mt 7,9-11)

And if someone a person
sustains life, be it so,
as if he had given the whole humanity
preserve life

(Koran, Sure 5, Vers 32)

...I was hungry,
and you gave me something to eat?
I was a stranger and homeless,
and you welcomed me...

(Mt 25,36)

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The number "Seven" means:
Everyone is invited
at one table.

(Textauszüge von Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

Nobody is excluded,
who comes to Jesus
and expected salvation from him.

(Textauszüge von Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

But the Rose at the table says,
what everything matters:
be loved by God,
love him and the people.

(Textauszüge von Theo Schmidkonz SJ)

2. Biblical

Whoever of you is without sin -
let him cast the first stone...

(Joh 8,7b)

Why do you see the splinter
in your brother's eye,
but the bar
in your eye you don't notice?

(Mt 7,3)