Hilltop Church

translated by Joachim Sanner
1. Nature

For me every BLADE OF GRASS is as
important as the cathedral of Cologne.
And often, the former has taught me MORE
than the latter.


2. Church

The state
with the lowest birthrate
isn't the Federal Republic,
but the Vatican.

(professor. Max Wingen)

1. Nature

The greatest sight, WORTH seeing,
wich you can find ...
is the WORLD
- look at it.

(Kurt Tucholsky)

EXPOSE nature to LIGHT,
and you will SEE its watermark.
precious, fascinating.

(St. Paul,  journies (4)
ARD, 10.12.95)

3. The way of life

is the first day
of the rest
of my life.


TELL it to me -
and I will FORGET it:
SHOW it to me -
and I will REMEMBER .
Let me DO it -
and I will KEEP it in MIND.


The BIGGEST obstacle,
to living well,

(Kradinal Bona)

Does, from a cosmic point of view,
it really matter,
if I  DON`T get up and work ?

(from: Douglas Adams,
?A hitch-hiker's guide through through the galaxy?)

2. Church

If it is true
that someone?s journey through life
may avoid the CHURCH,
but it always leads to GOD.


Once the world
will have become HONEST 
to such an extent,
that children under 15 years
can do without RELIGIOUS instruction,
THEN there will be something to HOPE from her.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)

4. Love

Love is,
when the happiness of OTHERS
is an ESSENTIAL part
of one's OWN happiness.

(Vallabhbhai Patel,
in Fliege 'Best of 97')

gains density
the closer it comes to death.

(Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

There is a great deal
of cold-heartedness among men,
because we don't dare,
behave as warm-heartedly
as we really are.

(Albert Schweizer)

3. The way of life

is a celestial path;
which leads from ?time? - to 'eternity'.


Translated by Sebastian Nagel
and revised by Joachim Sanner

5. God

Look upon god and mankind
as two LOVERS,
who made an appointment,
but very wrong about
where they had aranged to MEET.
God is wating in ETERNITY -
and nobody comes.
And man is vainly waiting
in the TIME.

(Simone Weil)

has AS MUCH religion,
AS he has love.


The one who serves the God
of wealth,
despises the
God of life.

(L. Fleischmann)