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1. Skills

Nothing is impossible.

(Toyota, Automobile)

Yes. We can.

(Obama, US-Präsidentschafts-Slogan)

If you really believe in something,
everything is possible.

(Red Bull, Brausegetränk)

It doesn't work, it doesn't exist.

(Praktiker, Baumarkt)

2. Freedom

Freedom and the way there.

(Peugeot 206, Automobil)

Choose freedom.

(Toshiba, Technologiekonzern)

The taste
of freedom and adventure.

(Marlboro, Zigaretten)

1. Skills

Trust is the beginning of everything.

(Deutsche Bank)

Knowledge is possible.

(DMS/DEXXIS, Beratungsdienstleistungen)

Concrete - it depends
what you do with it.

(Bundesverband der
Deutschen Zementindustrie e.V.)

2. Freedom

We clear the way.

(Volks- und Raiffeisenbank)

We open horizons.

(R+V, Versicherung)

Never stop thinking.
(Never stop thinking.)

(Infineon, Computerchips)

The future can come.

(Deutsche Bank)

3. Home

Are you still living
or are you already living?

(Ikea, Einrichtungshaus)

Welcome home.

(RTL, Fernsehsender)

A piece of an ideal world.

(Tesafilm, Klebestreifen)

We give your future a home.

(LBS, Landesbausparkasse)

4. Happiness

Scream for happiness.

(Zalando, Schuhversand)

Enjoy your time.

(Die Zeit, Wochenzeitung)

Enjoy the moment.

(Die Zeit, Wochenzeitung)

Enjoy the moment.

(Thomas Cook, Reiseveranstalter)

Priceless moments with MasterCard.

(Mastercard, Kreditkarte)

When so much good happens to you,
it's worth an Asbach Uralt.

(Asbach Uralt, Weinbrand)

Haribo makes children happy
and adults too.

(Haribo, Süßigkeiten)

5. Self-worth

Only you are you.

(Coca Cola, koffeininhaltige Limonade)

You deserve it.

(TUI, Reiseveranstalter)

4. Happiness

I love it.

(McDonald's, Schnellrestaurant)

If the cat is healthy,
the person is happy.

(Kitekat, Katzennahrung)

Two lives, one love.

(Sheba, Katzennahrung)

Can't beat the feeling.
(Unsurpassable feeling.)

(Coca Cola, koffeininhaltige Limonade)

Thank you for existing!

(Merci, Schokolade)

5. Self-worth

Simply pay with your good name.

(American Express)

I want to stay the way I am.

(Du darfst,
kalorienreduzierte Nahrung)

6. Life

Life is a hit!

(Hitradio Ö3)

5. Self-worth

Because I'm worth it!

(L'Oreal, Kosmetik)

Beauty from within.

(Merz, Pharmaunternehmen)

Today a king.

(König Pilsener, Biermarke)

6. Life

Welcome to life.

(Eurocard, Kreditkarte)

We take care of the details.


Right in the middle - instead of just being there.

(Sport1, TV-Sender)

As exciting as the world.

(National Geographic,

Discover the world.

(Lego, Kinderbausteine)

Discover life!

(Vittel, Quellwasser)

Douglas makes life more beautiful.

(Douglas, Kosmetikkette)

Love life.

(Bertolli, Olienöl)

And you taste
the joy of life.

(Mars, Schokoriegel)

Less speed
is more quality of life.

(Werbeschilder der Stadt Graz für die
durch Tempo 30 gestressten Autofahrer)

7. Christmas

Yes, is it Christmas already today?

(EPlus, Telefongesellschaft)

Completely surprising:
The festival of love is approaching.

(Vodafone, Telefongesellschaft)

Christmas is saved.

(RTL, Fernsehsender)

Official Partner
of Santa Claus.

(DHL, Postservice)

10% more Christmas.


Christmas is decided
under the tree.

(Media Markt)

Every time,
if we
God through us
let other people love,
is Christmas.

(Mutter Teresa von Kalkutta)